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    Pathology Applicable Codes


    Tariff Code Description
    3709 Antiglobin Test – Direct or Indirect Coombs
    3709 Erythrocyte Count
    3743 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
    3755 Full Blood Count (incl 3739/3762/3783/3785/3791)
    3762 Haemoglobin Estimation (Hb)
    3783 Leucocyte Differential Count
    3785 Leucocytes: Total Count
    3791 Packed Cell Volume
    3792 Plasmodium Flaciparum (Malaria: Antigen)
    3797 Platelet Count
    3805 Prothrombin Index
    3806 PI/INR Dosage Information
    4528 Ferritin

    Biochemical Tests

    Tariff Code Description
    3999 Albumin
    4001 Phosphatase
    4006 Amylase
    4009 Bilirubin: Total
    4010 Bilirubin: Conjugated
    4023 Chloride
    4026 LDL Cholesterol (Chemical Determination)
    4027 Total Cholesterol (Fasting)
    4028 HDL Cholesterol (Fasting)
    4032 Creatinine
    4057 Glucose: Quantitative
    4113 Potassium
    4114 Sodium
    4117 Protein (Total)
    4130 Asparate Aminotransferase (AST)
    4131 Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)
    4134 Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT)
    4147 Triglyceride
    4155 Uric Acid
    4171 Urea and Electrolytes
    4188 Urine Dipstick – Per Stick
    4352 Occult Blood (Monoclonal Antibodies)
    4017 Calcium Spectrophotometric
    4049 Glucose Tolerance Test
    4151 Urea
    4161 Troponin Isoforms


    Tariff Code Description
    3932 HIV: Elisa
    3947 C-Reactive Proteins
    3948 IgG: Varicella, Herpes, Rubella, etc
    3949 Syphillis Serology
    3951 Quantitative Khan, VDRL or other Flocculation
    3980 Bilharzia Ag Serum / Urine

    History and Cytology

    Tariff Code Description
    4559 Liquid Pap Smear
    4566 Vaginal or Cervical Smear (1 slide)
    4567 Histology per sample
    4571 Histology (more than 2 units) per additional block (max 1)


    Tariff Code Description
    4450 HcG: Qualitative
    4507 Thyrotropin (TSH)
    4519 PSA
    4531 Hepatitis: A IGM Antibody


    Tariff Code Description
    3839 Bacteriological Culture (Sensitivity)


    Tariff Code Description
    3865 Parasites in blood: Malaria, Trypanosomes
    3837 Body fluids, Urine, Exudate
    3869 Faeces Microscopy (including Parasites)
    3881 Tubercle Bacillus
    3883 Conc-Urine Parasites
    3885 Cytochemical Stain (AO AFB)

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