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Health4Me is designed to provide you with access to quality, private healthcare and additional benefits through a network of providers. Enjoy full cover with our network of General Practitioners in South Africa. 

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What is a General Practitioner?

A GP is a medical doctor who has qualified in general medicine and works in the community, often in private practice, to treat patients for a wide range of medical conditions or health issues. Some of the services provided by a GP include:

  • Health check-ups and screenings
  • Diagnosis of illnesses or medical conditions
  • Medical advice and information
  • Mental health care
  • Ordering of certain medical tests
  • Providing nutrition advice
  • Providing prescription medication
  • Providing referrals to appropriate specialists
  • Management of acute or chronic medical conditions
  • Immediate emergency care following an accident

When should you see a General Practitioner?

A family GP can assist with mild to severe medical conditions. They are instrumental in the early detection of certain diseases or conditions, and the subsequent treatment plan you receive. Book an appointment with a doctor from the Health4Me GP Network if you are sick, injured or experiencing serious medical symptoms. A general practitioner can assist you with acute or short-term medical problems like the treatment of a minor wound, an asthma attack or common colds and flu.

A GP can also assist with the treatment of chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, mental health conditions or heart disease. The general practitioner will prescribe a treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms. In order to do so, they might assess your health, consult your family medical history, order some diagnostic tests, recommend certain lifestyle changes, prescribe medication or refer you to a specialist.

Get a doctor’s referral letter from the Health4Me GP Network

The Momentum Health4Me Gold health insurance plan members can book a consultation with a specialist provided they have obtained a referral from a Momentum Health4Me Network GP and pre-authorisation. Specialist consultations are limited to two visits per member at a maximum of R1,000 per visit each year. The Momentum Health4Me GP list provides a comprehensive report of general practitioners available in your local area. Check the specialist benefits for more information.

GP benefits with Momentum Health4Me

General Practitioner benefits are available to Momentum Health4Me Gold, Silver and Bronze plans. There is no limit to the number of GP visits per year but a Hello Doctor pre-authorisation is required for every GP visit from the fourth visit onwards. GP consultations can be in-office or virtual.

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