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World Health Day, which is celebrated each year on the 7th of April, provides an opportunity to focus on public health issues that affect the global community. One of the biggest concerns in South Africa revolves around the delivery of quality healthcare in the medical services industry. Many of the country’s state hospitals and healthcare facilities are under-resourced but you can still be covered for quality private healthcare without putting a strain on your finances. Medical insurance cover is the smart and cost-effective choice, as outlined by Bloom and Momentum Health4Me, a medical insurance company in South Africa.  Find out more about World Health Day and the benefits of health insurance.

What is World Health Day?

World Health Day is an initiative driven by the World Health Organisation in an effort to promote certain health issues. This is done in an effort to create more awareness about these issues and, in doing so, to create public advocacy and support for health-related programmes, like vaccination drives, that are geared towards providing medical services and care in certain sectors.

What is quality healthcare?

The World Health Organisation defines quality of care as “the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes.” Quality care is based on evidence-based knowledge and more countries are committing to providing quality care, which has been identified as being:

  • This means that services provided must be based on facts, science and evidence-based guidelines.
  • Care should be delivered in a way and manner that minimises risk and harm thereby preventing injuries and reducing medical errors.
  • People-centred. Care should take into account the preferences and aspirations of the recipients and should be mindful of the culture of the community in which it is served.

In order to achieve this, it has been determined that health services need to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • They must be timely so that waiting periods and delays are reduced.
  • They need to be equitable so that quality of care does not vary according to gender, ethnicity, geographic location or socio-economic bracket.
  • They must be efficient so that healthcare providers can administer a range of available resources effectively and without waste.
  • They should be properly integrated in order to make a full range of health services available to patients.

The top benefits of health insurance

The main difference between medical aid and health insurance is the cost factor as the former is definitely the more cost-effective option. In addition to which, health insurance allows you get to select the items for which you wish to be covered, which is known as the building-block approach. There are a number of other benefits that come with a good health insurance plan. Some of these include:

1. Financial coverage against medical expenses.

Health insurance is a cost-effective alternative to medical aid, which has often proven too costly for cash-strapped South Africans. The purpose of a health insurance plan is to provide you with the best medical and healthcare services available without putting a strain on your finances. Medical insurance will cover your day-to-day health cover, in-hospital treatment for emergencies and lump sum cash-back payments.

2. Cover against chronic or critical illness

Health insurance will cover 26 chronic medications should you develop a condition where you require life-saving medication. A chronic disease is an illness that can persist for an extended period or even over a person’s entire lifetime. This will need to be managed or treated with certain medication, which will be covered under chronic benefits.

How much does health insurance cost?

Bloom, in conjunction with Momentum’s Health4Me, offers a range of cheap medical insurance plans. These are the Momentum Health4Me Gold, Health4Me Silver and Health4Me Bronze packages that come with varied benefits. The entry-level costs start at just R570 per month. In order to qualify you have to be over the age of 18 years and earn a minimum of R8,000 per month and less than R30,000.

At Bloom, we’re committed to healthy living and good health, which is the reason we encourage our members to make smart lifestyle choices and decisions when it comes to combating infections, like flu or vaccine-preventable diseases. Likewise, make sure you’re covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan for your medical healthcare needs. Get in touch with one of our expert broker consultants for a free medical insurance quote or get health insurance online by filling in your contact details on our website form.

Health insurance – the safe and affordable option

Health insurance helps you prepare for the future. Good quality medical care can prove quite costly if you’re paying out of pocket so make sure you receive top-quality care at a private medical facility when you’re covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan. Contact us at our office and speak to a trained insurance broker for more information or for a free health insurance quote.

Medical Content Disclaimer

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