How to get the most out of your Health4Me plan

Many people fail to take advantage of their health insurance benefits because they’re not sure what these benefits are, precisely. Even worse, some people end up paying out-of-pocket expenses because they didn’t follow the health insurance plan guidelines and find their claims rejected. Discover the best way to go about managing your health insurance and how to get the most out of your Health4Me plan as Bloom discusses tips and outlines more about each health insurance plan offered on the Momentum Health4Me medical insurance portfolio.

What is Momentum Health4Me?

Health insurance is an affordable alternative to medical aid. It’s governed by the Short-Term Insurance Act and covers a list of preselected benefits with a monetary value attached to each of these. This type of cover is best for day-to-day medical expenses and limited hospital cover, like an emergency, which is serviced through its network of approved providers.

Bloom chose to partner with a leading healthcare brand, Momentum Health4Me, to help make healthcare services more affordable to South Africans without compromising on the quality or standard of medical care and services. To date, Momentum Health4Me remains one of the most affordable health insurance solutions for both individuals and families. Discover how you can get the most out of your Health4Me plan with these health insurance tips.

Health insurance tips: how you get the most of out your Health4Me plan

  1. Understand your health insurance plan

Make sure you understand your particular health insurance plan. Speak with your consultant if you’re unsure so that you are aware of precisely what type of cover, benefits, waiting periods and limits apply to your plan. This will reduce the possibility of claim rejection or out-of-pocket fees.

  1. Ensure all healthcare professionals are in-network approved 

Healthcare professionals with whom you consult, like doctors, dentists and optometrists, need to be part of the Momentum CareCross Network. Only authorised healthcare professionals will be covered by your health insurance plan.

  1. Obtain pre-authorisation 

Pre-authorisation, or pre-approval is a process that must be followed in order to obtain access to certain medical services. Failure to do so will result in your claim being rejected. You need to gain pre-authorisation in order to make an appointment to visit a specialist, apply for chronic medication benefits or access any sort of in-hospital treatment.

  1. Use your in-hospital cover for emergencies only

Be advised that your in-hospital benefits cover maternity, accident and emergency cover only. If a member elected to give birth in the hospital, they would receive a maternity lump sum payment. An accident refers to a medical emergency event that was unforeseen and is not attributable to the policyholder’s mental or physical state prior to the accident. Examples of accidents and emergencies would be if a member was involved in a car crash or suffered a heart attack/stroke.

  1. Use the HelloDoctor telephonic healthcare service

Save on GP consultations by making use of Hello Doctor. This is a free healthcare teleservice that is available to all Health4Me members. Get access to qualified healthcare professionals and request medical-related information or advice, in real-time, without having to attend a physical in-room consultation.

Types of Health4Me insurance plans

Bloom offers three types of health insurance plans. These include the Momentum Health4Me Gold, Silver and Bronze options. Get the most out of each Health4Me plan by managing your expectations. Compare Health4Me options to suit your budget and medical needs.

Health4Me Gold

The Health4Me Gold option is the most comprehensive health insurance plan offered. The plan covers day to day benefits with the added benefit of specialist visits, like dentistry, psychiatry, cardiology and more. While the Gold Health4Me cover, is a premium product, it still remains a competitively priced and cost-effective option and is an excellent choice for families, starting at R658 per month.

Health4Me Silver

The Silver health insurance plan offers a balanced healthcare solution that offers the day-to-day benefit essentials as well as additional healthcare benefits, like maternity, dentistry, optometry, chronic medication and more. Silver medical insurance is a mid-level health insurance plan that provides top-quality healthcare services at a competitively-priced premium. Premiums start at 610 per month.

Health4Me Bronze

The Bronze health insurance plan is an entry-level health insurance plan that provides excellent day-to-day benefits and medical emergencies for those who need to watch their budget and are simply looking for basic cover. Premiums are competitively-priced at R570 per month. The Bronze Health4Me medical insurance plan includes unlimited GP visits, acute medication, maternity benefits and more.

Get affordable health insurance that provides the service you need

Affordable health insurance will provide you with access to good quality medical care. Health insurance plans are designed to allow you to choose what cover you want so that you only pay for the benefits you need, saving you money. Get the most out of your Heatlh4Me insurance plans by contacting our team of trained consultants for more information about each plan. Contact  our offices to get a free, no obligations quote.

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