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Pregnancy is an exciting time for a couple or mum-to-be. This beautiful, life-changing event should be a time filled with joy and the anticipation of meeting your new little person. Having to worry about how you’re going to pay for your pregnancy and childbirth is not a situation in which anyone wishes to find themselves. Bloom has partnered with Momentum, to offer Health4Me health insurance plans, which include pregnancy and maternity cover and benefits.

Should you get health insurance or medical aid for maternity cover?

While both options are very good and will ensure you receive top-quality medical care during your pregnancy, health insurance has the advantage of being more affordable and flexible than a medical aid plan. Health insurance members can also use the ‘building block’ approach, which means you only pay for those items you select for your personalised plan – like maternity cover. This option could prove far more cost-effective in today’s challenging economic climate.

What are the Health4Me maternity benefits?

While a health insurance plan is cheaper than medical aid, it certainly doesn’t compromise on quality care for expectant mothers. The maternity benefits provide the following at private hospitals that are on the approved network plan:

  • All antenatal GP visits at a Momentum CareCross Network GP
  • Two 2D foetal growth scans per member per pregnancy
  • Antenatal pathology tests, like blood group, HIV, syphilis, and blood sugar tests – as prescribed by your Network GP
  • Antenatal vitamins in accordance with the Momentum CareCross Network’s prescribed active medication formulary
  • Antenatal support, like access to pregnancy and parental information from Hello Doctor and Baby Yum Yum
  • Antenatal and post delivery support from a nurse or midwife via Baby Yum Yum.
  • A nurse home visit on the day after returning home from the hospital after childbirth and another follow-up visit two weeks later

What is a 2D foetal scan and why should you have one?

A 2D scan (or ultrasound) is a standard obstetric procedure used to check on the health of an unborn baby. This is achieved by scanning a two-dimensional image of the baby’s body while he or she is still inside the womb. A scan is perfectly safe for both mother and child, and allows the healthcare professional to check the baby’s gestation, growth, heartbeat, development and size. The position of the placenta and cord can also be determined.

Your health insurance will cover two maternity visits, which include two 2D growth scans. In order to use this benefit, you will need to visit a Network GP who is certified to perform growth scans. Otherwise, you will be referred by a Network GP to a gynaecologist (Gold Plan members only). Should you consult a gynaecologist, the scan will be paid from the benefit but the visit will be paid from your specialist benefit.

Antenatal vitamins that are best for a healthy pregnancy

A healthy, balanced diet is the best way to ensure you and your baby are getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need. However, sometimes we fall a bit short so you may be prescribed some vitamins to boost your health and keep the baby safe. Depending on your particular needs and requirements, you be prescribed:

  • Folic acid (or folate), which is a water-soluble vitamin B. It occurs naturally in foods, like leafy greens, meat and orange juice and it’s highly advisable for pregnant women to take in order to prevent neural tube defects, like spina bifida.
  • Iron supplements, which supports the development of the placenta and foetus. It also helps the body make blood to supply oxygen to the foetus and assists in preventing anemia.
  • Calcium supplements, which is found in most dairy products, is highly recommended for pregnant women who need at least 1000mg of calcium per day.
  • Magnesium helps increase foetal birth weight and can prevent preeclampsia.
  • Vitamin D, which may help reduce a number of pregnancy complications, like gestational diabetes.
  • Vitamin C, which is found in citrus fruits and green vegetables, helps boost your immune system and can decrease your risk of developing skin, bone and various tissue deficiencies.

Baby Yum Yum? Number 1 Parenting Portal in South Africa

Health4Me members can benefit from the expert assistance of Baby Yum Yum, a leading parenting portal that was created to provide a safe space for new mothers to share, learn, discuss and contribute to all things relating to pregnancy and parenting. The portal operates as a multi-dimensional platform for all parents and serves to empower and support mothers and their babies. You can rely on the Baby Yum Yum team with all your parenting questions and concerns, like what products to buy or even how to go about changing a nappy!

How much does it cost to have a baby at hospital?

It’s essential to have access to top-quality medical care when it comes to giving birth. Should you choose to give birth in hospital, the Health4Me health insurance offers a maternity lump sum plan to cover your birth, so that mother and child can be assured of the best possible care during this time. The in-hospital cash benefit for pregnancy-related matters will pay out a daily amount for each day you spend in the hospital (provided this does not exceed 48 hours). The hospital cash benefit and maternity lump sum benefit covers a maximum payout of R20,000 payable per member each year.  There are waiting periods attached to this benefit so please check with our consultants when planning your pregnancy.

How much does health insurance with maternity benefits cost?

Bloom has partnered with Momentum’s Health4Me programme, which provides affordable health insurance to those who need to watch their budget. The entry-level health insurance option starts at just R517 per month. Contact one of our consultants for your medical insurance quotes and you can rest assured that you will be covered during your pregnancy and childbirth.

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