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    Specialist Benefit

    A maximum of 2 visits, limited to R1 220 per visit and up to R2 440 per member/family per year is applied

    Members may consult any specialist, subject to a Network GP referral
    and pre-authorisation

    The specialist may refer the member for pathology and radiology
    according to the applicable Health4Me pathology and radiology lists

    Shortfalls will be payable by the member

    Waiting periods may apply

    If you need to see a specialist, you must first visit your Network GP, who will give you a referral letter. You will need to call us on 0860 10 29 03 to get authorisation. The maximum amount we will pay per visit is R1 220, with a maximum for the year of R2 440 for you and your family, if they are also covered. This amount is for the visit and any medication that the specialist prescribes. The specialist may also send you for basic blood tests and black-and-white x-rays.

    Example: Let’s say the specialist charges you R1 300 for a visit. The specialist will send the account for R1 300 to Momentum for payment. Momentum will pay the specialist R1 220, and your benefit left for the year will reduce from R2 440 to R1 220. You will have to pay the additional R80 for the visit from your own pocket.

    Specialist benefit disciplines covered

    Please note that this benefit is only available on the Health4Me Gold option.

    To download a copy of the Specialist benefit information click on the download button below.

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