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    Basic optometry

    Covered at any optometrist on the Optometry Network

    Benefit available every 2 years

    1 Eye test and 1 pair of clear standard single vision lenses, or 1 pair of bi-focal lenses, with a standard frame

    Sunglasses, tinted lenses, hard coating and contact lenses are not covered

    Provided in accordance with the Optical Network protocols and approved Health4Me optometry list

    A 3 month waiting period applies

    You may visit any optometrist on the Optical Network. You will have cover for one eye test and one pair of clear standard single vision lenses, or one pair of bi-focal lenses, with a standard frame, every two years. The optometrist will test your eyes and tell you if you need glasses. If your eye test shows a reading of 0.75 or more, the optometrist will show you a range of frames which you can choose from. If you choose a frame that is not part of this range, you will need to pay the difference in the price. The lenses that we cover are standard quality white CR39 lenses, single vision or bi-focal where appropriate. The optometrist will send the account to us for payment. If your eye test shows that you do not need glasses (a reading of less than 0.75), the optometrist will need to send us a motivation letter, to let us know why you need glasses. If the optometrist does not send us the motivation letter, then we will pay for the visit only. We do not cover sunglasses, tinted lenses, hard coating or contact lenses. Upgrades or services outside the list of covered benefits will be for your own pocket.

    Please note that this benefit is only available on the Health4Me Silver and Health4Me Gold medical insurance options.

    To download a copy of the Optometry benefit information click on the download button below.

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