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    Maternity benefit (Bronze, Silver and Gold options)

    1 Foetal growth 2D scan per member per pregnancy

    Antenatal pathology tests linked to a Network GP visit and referred by a Network GP, according to the applicable Health4Me pathology list

    Antenatal vitamins provided in accordance with the Network prescribed acute medication formulary, rules and protocols are applied

    Pre-authorisation is required

    Maternity benefit (Gold option

    1 Additional foetal growth 2D scan per member per pregnancy

    Antenatal support (access to current and credible information on all topics related to parenthood) via BabyYumYum

    Support post-partum from a nurse/midwife at home with bathing, swaddling, latching and feeding

    Nurse/midwife home visits on day 2 and week 2 after the birth of the baby

    Pre-authorisation is required

    You will have cover for two maternity visits, which includes one 2D growth scan or ultrasound (Health4Me Bronze and Health4Me Silver options) and two 2D growth scans or ultrasounds (Health4Me Gold option), per pregnancy. You will need to visit a Network GP who is certified to do growth scans, or be referred by a Network GP to a gynaecologist (Gold option only). If you do consult a gynaecologist, the scan will be paid from this benefit, but the visit will be paid from your specialist benefit.

    Your doctor may also send you for pathology tests related to your pregnancy and may also prescribe antenatal vitamins for you from an approved list.

    Which antenatal pathology tests are covered during your pregnancy?
    Antiglobin Test - Direct or Indirect Coombs
    Full Blood Count (incl 3739/3762/3783/3785/3791)
    Haemoglobin Estimation (Hb)
    Blood Group
    Platelet Count
    Body Fluids, Urine, Exudate
    Microscopic Exams
    Bacteriological Culture (Sensitivity)
    IgG: Varicella, Herpes, Rubella
    Glucose Strip Test
    Urine Dipstick

    If you are on the Gold option, BabyYumYum will support you with all the information you will need about your pregnancy and about being a parent. BabyYumYum is the number one parenting portal in South Africa. Momentum will also arrange for a nurse or midwife to visit you at home, to assist you with any guidance you might need after your baby is born. The nurse or midwife will also show you how to bathe, swaddle, latch and feed your newborn. These visits will take place on the 2nd day and in the 2nd week after you get home from the hospital. You can call BabyYumYum on 0878 97 03 59.

    How should you register for the maternity benefit?

    To register for this benefit, you will need to call us on 0860 10 29 03 and provide us with the following information:
    ▪ Your Health4Me member number
    ▪ Your Health4Me dependant number
    ▪ Your expected due date/expected delivery date
    ▪ Your cellphone number

    Please note that this benefit is available on the Bronze, Silver and Gold options.

    To download a copy of the Maternity benefit information click on the download button below.

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